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Sutton-Butler, A., Croucher, K., Pip, G., Keren, B.C. and Matthew, F., 2023. In Jars: The integration of historical anatomical and pathological potted specimens in undergraduate education. Annals of Anatomy-Anatomischer Anzeiger, p.152066.


Interview on Specimens Podcast (October 2022) – https://specimenspod.libsyn.com/aoife-sutton-archaeology-researcher

Sutton, A. (2022) Death Displayed: Human Remains Associated with Witchcraft Exhibited in Museums, The Feminine Macabre (Volume IV), Spook Eats Publishing (USA).

Sutton, A., Booth, E., Croucher, K., and Booth, J., ‘Dying 2 Talk: Archaeology and Compassion’, Death and Culture Network IV, University of York, September 2022.

Sutton, A. ‘Historical Anatomical Fluid Preserved Collections: A unique human remains resource to comment on inequalities surrounding grief in Britain during the 18 19th centuries to present day’, Death and Culture Network IV, University of York, September 2022.

Garner, P., Sutton, A., Croucher, K., Bielby-Clarke, K., and Farrow, M., ‘The integration of potted historical wet anatomical specimens in undergraduate anatomy teaching’, Summer Meeting of the British Association of Clinical Anatomists, University of Sunderland, June 2022.

Sutton, A., ‘Pathological Bodies: Surveying of British Institutions on the Extent and Use of Anatomical Wet Specimen Collections Dating to the 18th-19th Centuries’, The British Society for the History of Science Postgraduate Conference, University of Birmingham (online), April 2022.

Sutton, A.A. and Booth, E. ‘Archaeology and Compassion in Schools’, Dying 2 Talk: A Death Conference on a Compassionate Community, University of Bradford and University of Wolverhampton (online), March 2022.

Sutton, A. (2022) The Legend of Loftus Hall, The Feminine Macabre (Volume III), Spook Eats Publishing (USA).

Sutton, A.A. ‘Pathological Bodies: Surveying of British Institutions of the Extent of their Anatomical Wet Specimen Collections (18-19th centuries)’, Poster Presentation, Sheffield Anatomy Society Conference, March 2022.


Sutton, A. ‘The Role of Archaeology on the Dying 2 Talk Project’, Dying to Talk Practitioner Event Conference, University of Bradford, and University of Wolverhampton (Online), December 2021.

Interview on Haunted History Chronicle Podcast (November 2021) -https://www.podpage.com/haunted-history-chronicles/a-journey-in-death-with-aoife-sutton/

King, J., Sutton, A., Weale, M.C., Castells Navarro, L. ‘Alternative Approaches for Teaching Human Osteology to a Visually Impaired Student’, Teaching and Learning in Archaeology and Heritage Conference, University of Bradford (Online), November 2021.  

Sutton, A. ‘Anatomical Collections: A unique archaeological resource to comment on inequalities surrounding grief in Britain during the 18-19th centuries’, Social Context of Death, Dying, and Disposal Conference (DDD15), Manchester Metropolitan University (remotely), September 2021.

Interview with The Feminine Macabre (2021) – https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=237726661507630

Sutton, A. (2021) The Banshee: The female death omen in Irish heritage, The Feminine Macabre Journal (Volume II), Spook Eats Publishing (USA).

Sutton, A. Keynote ‘Blogging about Death and Dying: Ethics, Limitations and Challenges of the Pathological Bodies Project Blog’, DigiDeath Archaeology Conference, University of Chester (remotely), 28th January 2021.


TAG Fringe Session – Organised by James Walker, Karina Croucher, Caroline Raynor, Aoife Sutton, Micheál Butler & Ophélie Lebrasseur, ‘Coronavirus and Us: Archaeology and the Heritage profession during and after COVID-19’, Fringe TAG 2020, University of Leicester (remotely), 18th December 2020. 

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