Mortiferous Muse

Issue one of Mortiferous Muse Magazine available for download below:

An online magazine dedicated to the dead body: Become a Mortiferous Muse

‘Mortiferous (adjective) – deadly or fatal

A Muse (noun) – personified source of inspiration’

Become a Mortiferous Muse and write for us…..

I am delighted to open a call for article submissions for a new online magazine dedicated solely to the dead body. Mortiferous Muse will be accepting articles related to the following topics:

  • The anatomical body
  • The preserved body
  • The archaeological body
  • The body in the cemetery
  • The body and grief
  • The display of the dead body

Subject matter can relate to historical practices, archaeological human remains, the gothic, funerary practices, and death studies – submission topics are quite broad! Pieces can be fiction or non-fiction. The zine will be realised in an online format with the aim of holding an online launch event. Submission criteria includes:

  • Articles are to be no more then 1500 words..
  • Articles can be opinion pieces, research works, career profiles, fiction etc.
  • Article sources must be compiled in a bibliography (any referencing style).
  • Image sources must be listed.
  • Articles must be accessible to a wider audience – i.e., language.

Ideally, submissions should need minimal editing and have a lot of imaging as to fit with the magazine format. If you would like to include any artwork or logos, you are more than welcome to do so. I will format the magazine as I feel best suits the aesthetic of the publication.

Mortiferous Muse will be a ‘death positive’ publication with emphasis on the dead body as subject matter. Aesthetically gothic and dark centric, the zine will be accessible to wider audiences who are interested in morbidity, death, and the human body. The magazine will be free for download.

Submissions will be open until February, with a release date expected to be in March 2023.

Submissions and enquiries can sent to Aoife at with the subject line MUSE.

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